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To Provide Thermal Extraction Process while also sanitize and remove both organic and inorganics materials to hospital standards.  At Crystal Clean, we believe that everyone deserves a healthy and clean environment that they would not need to worry about health conditions around their facilities.

One Stop Shop

Crystal Cleaning Company provides a complete exterior washing experience for your entire property. From your Sidewalks, to the Loading Docks to Muli Sotry Building Wash to your Money Making Parking Structures. You want everything to have a new as possible look when you wash them while meeting the strict wastewater requirements of your State and Local Governments. However, you do not want something like your garage to be disrupted for weeks at a time. 

We at the Crystal Cleaning Company can do most Building washes, Parking Garages, Walkways, Large Loading docks in a single weekend, while still meeting EPA and Government requirements. We also will get the permits ( Up to 7 of them) signed and delivered to you before we start the job. You will be assured that from day one, your facility is being washed legally and safely.

Parking Garage Cleaning

Thermal extraction units are the next in Parking Garage Cleaning. Currently there are only 2 in the nation due to costs restrictions. These machines are especially built for Parking Garage Cleaning. As many know, oil breaks down between 250 to 300 degrees. Thermal Extraction Units can reach well over 400 degrees. These units emulsify oil, detergent and water as one enabling the oil to “Let Go” of the cement, thus removing the oil from the parking stall. It is literally the future of oil extraction.

Multi Story Building Washing

Crystal Cleaning Company uses State of the Art cleaning techniques for the remove of such organics as Lichen and/ or Mold and inorganics such as pollution build up or foreign materials. Both of which can cause increased upper respiratory issues to the human body. By removing these organics and inorganics, the building will look and smell fresh as a summer day. In some cases, can look like a freshly painted building once these substances are removed. 

We can achieve this by killing the organism at the roots. Pressure Washing will only give the organism a “Hair Cut” and might be used as the final step in the cleaning process. But first, you must kill the roots of the organism otherwise it will just grow back in a years’ time.

Speciation’s of Equipment used

Yellow Beast 

5,000 PSI

2.2 million BTU Boilers

Able to hit up to 400 degrees ( Water boils at 212 degrees)

Filtration Unit

Our Filtration unit is able to filter at 86 gallons per minute Out Put. (The average filtration unit is 5 to 8 GPM output when filtering tap water)

Meets or exceeds all discharge requirements for ALL Counties in California and in the United States and Canada

This High Output filtration System designed exclusively for Parking Garage Cleaning, allows us to use up to 12 Pressure Washers at the same time. The Discharge water output will not overwhelm the massive filtration process. Most Filters the average contractor buys has a duty cycle of 40 minutes of continuous use in a Parking Garage Structure.

The Crystal Cleaning Massive Filtration process  allows us to clean faster than any washer company, freeing up your garage up to 10 times sooner than any other company. What will take some companies 10 days, we can usually do in just 1 day. Allowing you to use your garage in a matter of days verses weeks.

State of the Art Disinfectant and Sterilization equipment design to clean up to a 15 story building. This will kill the root of the problem.

Pressure washers do a great job for oil and non-biological cleanings. 

But sometime we have to clean Mold, Mildew, Moss or Lichen. When this happens, State of the Art Disinfectant and Sterilization equipment is the first choice and should be used before any Pressure Washing procedure is done. These machines goes after the roots like Round-up does for weeds, but much faster taking 30 minutes instead of days. As always with the Crystal Cleaning Company, this procedure is done in a safe and environmental way.

Fire Watch while cleaning your outside facility

We at the Crystal Cleaning Company offer Fire Watch Protection while cleaning your outside structures of Parking Garages. 

What is a Fire Watch Service?

Fire watch are critical parts of a fire prevention program in some industries. Fire lookouts’ sole responsibility is to keep an eye out for potential fires while they’re small, and call in fire suppression professionals in an emergency. By doing their job well, they can save lives as well as property by having the eyes and ears on your facility. Report any suspicious individuals, possible vandalism and any illegal activities in addition to your own security personal. We also work with the local authorities and emergency departments when you hire us to clean your structures.


As with any large project, permits can be a time consuming issue for you to obtain.

We at the Crystal Cleaning Company have streamlined the permitting process with most City, County and State agencies so that you do not have to.

A large structure can have as many 7 permits for any given time. These permits can cost upwards of $4,000 for just one permit and in some cases takes weeks to get approved.

When you hire the Crystal Cleaning Company, we are able to handle the permit process for you if requested in the agreement so that you do not have to. 

The service is there for you, if you so choose, for a nominal fee.

Things to Ask before you sign the agreement.

  1. Who is covering the costs of the permits?
  2. What Permits are required and Why? ( Example: Wastewater disposal )
  3. How Fast will this job take?
  4. Submit the BTU Ratings of your Boilers/ Pressure Washers. 
    1. Need to be 140,000 BTU’s per GPM for deep cleaning of Oil.
  5. Filtration Units Output Performance
    1. The Total Output of the Pressure Washers GPM (Gallons per Minute) should be multiplied by 1.5. This number will give you the correct size of the filter that should be used. So if a contractor says he is bring 5 washers. Each washer has an output of 8 GPM, then their filtration unit should be rated at 60 GPM. That’s 5 x 8 = 40 GPM x 1.5 equals 60 GPM.

Jim also offers Group and Private Parking Garage Cleaning Classes to fellow contractors

Jim Gamble offers a 4 to 6 hour class with limited seating for more of a personal class. Jim will not have a group larger than 15 as to keep the class informative as is the case with smaller groups.

Class Agenda for 101, 201 and parts of 301

Brief Introduction on Jim 35 years of Parking Garage Cleaning

The 4 Different Types Of Garages 

How and why should your client Clean his Parking Garages?

What are the best steps to clean a specific type of a garage?

Step 1: Understanding how a garage wants and should be cleaned

Step 2: Different types of procedures to cleaning a garage

Step 3: What can you charge for which procedure/ type of cleaning

Step 4: What are the Specifications of your rig to Fit Into A Garage

Step 5: What is the best way To Bring Water without plunging through the floor

Step 6: Using Tennant Scrubbers and why you may want to own or rent one.

Step 7: Understanding the laws of what you can do with your wastewater while still using the drains inside a garage.

Step 8: What are the Legal procedures for Wastewater and Sludge to meet your AHJ requirements.

Step 9: When some say to transfer  your wastewater  into the Interceptor and why that will pose a 10,000 fine in most cases. 

Step 10: Why you should  Water Away From Elevators. How should you Lock them during your cleaning

Step 11: Pressure Washing Parking Garage Floors & Dealing with different levels of oil stains and what is the best procedure.

Step 12: Dealing With Alarms & Exhaust Fumes. What you should know.

Miscellaneous / Recap On Cleaning

Q & A Session

Jim also offers a personal class for 501 and 701 classes.